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the castleman maritime team

Greg Castleman has assembled a team of seasoned industry professionals — a team that can meet the ongoing needs of the present and more importantly, the upcoming challenges of the future.

With the opening of the new Panama Canal locks in 2014, the NEW, 1,200 foot Panamax Ships will carry 13,000 TEUs vs. the former 965 foot Panamax Ships ability to carry only 5,000 TEUs. All the ports of North & South America that will be visited by these larger ships will need the docking ability offered by Escort Tractor Tugs of the type developed by the Castleman Team.

Team Leader is Greg Castleman (top left), a Naval Architect with over 37 years experience in shipbuilding and the design and operation of service craft and offshore oil and gas drilling platforms. Click here for his CV.

His First Lieutenant is George Petrie (top center), a Naval Architect with over 40 years experience that include structural analysis and design, wave-induced motions and operability analysis, stability, strength and fatigue assessment. Click here for his CV.

Castleman Maritime Director of Marketing is Reuben Trane (top right) who has a background in advertising followed by over 33 years of professional small boat design, building and marketing. Click here for his CV.