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182' "Heavy Lifter" CREW BOATS

The ISLA SAN LUIS and ISLA SAN GABRIEL are a pair of high speed, Fast Intervention Supply Vessels (FSIV) designed by Castleman Maritime and built by Horizon Shipbuilding of Bayou LaBatre, Alabama, for Grupo TMM of Mexico. They are true “Heavy Lifters, Kick Ass Boats” with a clear deck of over 3,000 square feet.

Greg Castleman says, “They are definitely a crewboat as far as the design philosophy: high-speed vessel that meets subdivision requirements for carrying passengers.” They are currently under charter contract

for Pemex Exploration and Production. Fitted with two bow thrusters, they have superior slow speed maneuverability. The vessels’ Project Manager states, “These two vessels provide our customer with the fastest, most technologically advanced Supply Vessels in their fleet. They can quickly deliver a large quantity of supplies on their 3,010 square foot deck, 42,337 gallons of liquid mud in eight separate tanks and 32,976 gallons of drill water in four tanks. These are impressive boats!”