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Texas Operator — Texas Naval Architect

In June, 2013, the staff of Signet Maritime Corporation of Houston, Texas, sat down with the team at Castleman Maritime of Clear Lake Shores, Texas, to develop the concept for their 7th ASD (Azimuthing Stern Drive) Tractor Tug in the past 4 years.

They chose Castleman Maritime knowing that Castleman’s design would serve their needs in an economical and timely manner.

As of this date (October 24th, 2013), over 50% of the hull has already been constructed at Signet’s yard in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Castleman Maritime is known for:

  • Builder friendly designs
  • Quick response to clients needs
  • ASD Tractor Tugs that are economical to build and operate

Castleman’s Gulf Coast location made early development meetings proceed quickly due to the proximity with Signet. As of this writing, all the detail design is complete with 85% of the production design and lofting complete.

Delivery is scheduled for July, 2014, essentially one year from concept.

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